Sunday, June 23, 2013

What To Do When You Had a Fight with Your Loved Ones

I am not an expert in relationship stuffs and all. I am simply a blogger who usually writes about tech, SEO, blogging stuffs but since I took a domain with my name i.e., I thought to write some of my personal experiences here.

When you love someone more than anything else in the world then you naturally grow a high level of expectations from your loved ones. When something goes wrong then we always decide not to expect much from anyone but as we are human beings, we cannot avoid something which comes naturally. Same with expectations, it increases whenever you love a person so much.

There is nothing bad if you expect from your love but it really hurts a lot when your expectations don’t mean anything to him/her. And this might end up in small fights which later convert into bigger fights. 

So What to do to avoid these situations?
As of my personal experience, just say sorry even you are not wrong because in love we should not figure out who is wrong and what is wrong? Just do something to end the fight.

If Saying sorry doesn't work then you can do something special for him/her to change the mood of fight. Such as do what he/she likes. It helps a lot to end up the fight.

But what to do to avoid future fights?

Ending up the fight is good but if you still have the feeling of expectations and the other person has no realization of your love, care and expectations then fight may be happen again and again which is not good and we need to think to avoid this situation.

I don’t know what to do in this situation but My opinion is just try to expect nothing from that person who doesn’t care about it. Maintain your love towards him/her but try not to expect same love and care from them.

I know its very very tough to stop expecting from our loved ones but Once you are able to do it you will feel that you don’t get hurted most often.

I might be wrong here but I just shared the personal experience! I am not an expert enough to give advice on relationships!

But I would like to hear from you about this kind of situations. What you will try to do to avoid these?

Expectations hurt a lot! #personalexperience


  1. Atish Bhai,

    I don't know what to say may be in that situation I prefer to talk that person about my self, my expectations, my feelings, my love...Whatever I feel about that person.
    May be this helps that person to know about my feelings towards him.


    1. But what if the person gets irritated when you make him feel about your love and care?

    2. Simply It Means that person doesn't feel anything for us now. May be at this early age it's just an attraction. Because, if the person is in love then he/she can't feel "Irritate" when other express love towards that guy/gal.

  2. Atish bhaiya well said that expectations HURT, and they really hurt very hard.. and as far as in my opinion a fight is always necessry in relationship.. ;)

    1. Yea fights are good for better understanding but we should not take it for long. Just one sorry or a simple smile should make up.

    2. As I always say Ladhai karne se pyar badhta hai :P

    3. @sugandha - yep thats why teri meri hamesha ladai hoti rhti hai :P although we r nt GF BF :P hehehe

  3. Good concept, agree with you!

    Yeah, If you love a person more than anything and if that person have no time to spend or take care of you, then it would be better to stop expecting from him/her and continue to love him/her silently.

    It doesn't mean that you stopped loving him/her, you started to love and take care of him/her more.

    Also, if your love and care is true, then he/she will understand you one fine day.

    My personal experience!!!