Monday, July 8, 2013

How to handle CORRUPTION in INDIA?

India is a country that tends to be characterized and well defined by one and only one saying, which is none other than Unity in Diversity. India is one of those upcoming countries that is home to people from a number of different religions, caste and creeds. Similarly, India happens to be on the forefront as far as occupations such as agriculture and other ancillary industries are concerned. Of late we can witness India joining the league of leading countries as far as export import trade is concerned. Primary sectors such as education and health are also seen gaining momentum in India. However, Population and Poverty are two such problems that are hovering over us for quite some time now. These limitations have given rise to a number of social evils, one of the critical ones being Corruption.

In the 21st century, Corruption has ended up becoming a way of life or more specifically a practice that is finding its roots in each and every sector and industry at large. The under the table activities comprise a major proportion of Corruption in India. Moreover, these activities are enjoying consistency in their trends as far as the latest statistics are concerned. We cannot really blame one head for the spread of Corruption all over India. It can be easily concluded that Corruption is a result of the union of like minded people who believe in shortcuts and getting things done quickly by exerting pressure, using influence or by simply throwing bundles of liquid cash. Corruption is rising at a constant rate and thus containing the same has become the need of the hour. If we fail to do so, this particular social evil is likely to blow out of proportion and thus pulling up our socks at this moment and taking a corrective action has become a must.

First and foremost, it is crucial for each and every individual to acquaint oneself with the very basic ethical values and morals. It is a must for each of us to understand our respective duties and responsibilities so as to make India Corruption free. It is vital for us to distance ourselves from the greed element and learn to say “NO”. As they say Charity begins at Home, in the same way Corruption Corrective Measures need to be implemented from our very own homes. Once every individual starts sporting a clear conscience and realizes which is the apt path for him or her to follow, we will see Corruption fading away at a rapid pace.

Apart from this, another measure that can be adopted in order to do away with Corruption is to put a stringent act of law in place. It is not just enough to form a committee and deliver an action plan that remains hidden in an array of dust clad files. What is even more important is the implementation and execution of the laid action plan. In the end strict rules and regulations that limit themselves to heavy penalty amounts are not enough. It is essential for these procedures to further push the accused to vigorous imprisonment in the court of law. All in all, it is quite obvious that each and every Indian citizen is well informed about the causes and effects of Corruption and thus applying the corrective and in due course the preventive measures would not be much of a task.

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