Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to start blogging step by step?

You are here, means you are interested in blogging. Isn’t it? Before you get started if you read few of posts about how to start blog and blogging, it would be better. Today I thought to share the same so that thousands of wannabe bloggers may have a look at this post and get more information.

To start blogging, you have to have a blog which should be fully set up. So to start blogging step by step you first need to know how to start a blog step by step first.

I am sharing few things to do to start a blog step by step:

Domain and hosting

If you are considering starting your blog on self hosted domain hosting then you need a domain and webspace over Internet.

Domain name refers to the url of your blog i.e. example.com is a domain. In simple language, Domain name is the address of your blog over www.
You need to have some space on the web to save your blog’s files and database. To buy webspace you need to contact some hosting company. In simple language, hosting is somehow like home where you put your stuffs.

Choosing CMS

Once you bought domain and hosting you need to choose the CMS for your blog. 95% bloggers, who hosts their blog on self hosted use wordpress as their CMS. So choose wordpress and download it from wordpress.org for FREE.

Setting up wordpress on the server

As you bought hosting you can upload wordress files on your server which you can do using any FTP client or from Cpanel itself.
Apart from uploading WP files you need to create database into phpmyadmin as well which you will need to connect your wordpress CMS to database so that the blog can run.

Install theme and essential plugins

After the blog gets up you should set up a wordpress theme of your choice and install required plugins like all in one SEO, wp better emails, akismet, backup plugins, security plugins etc.

That’s it your blog is fully set up!

As you have done with the blog set up. Now there starts the blogging venture. To start blogging now you need to start with these things:-

Writing killer articles for your blog

Content is the food of a blog. So to make it alive you have to start writing content over your blog. You can either publish an article a day or make a routine of publishing blog posts.  I prefer making a schedule of posting one blog post per week without fail. That’s better.

Share your blog posts on Social media

Always share your blog posts link on the social media to grab the attention of audience to your blog but never spam your audience by posting frenzy updates.

Post comments on other blogs

Writing blog comments on other’s blog is a very good way to let other bloggers know about your blog and blog posts. When you post comment you put your blog in the website field and also if that blog uses commentluv, you are able to show your latest blog post. It helps you grab attention.

Reply to comments on your blog

To build good relationship with your audience always respond to the comments you get on your blog posts.

SEO of your blog

SEO helps you get organic traffic which means traffic from search engines. As search engine traffic is the best traffic source among all the sources, you need to put a lot of efforts in this particular area as well. Keep SEO in mind while writing every post for your blog.
These are few most basic things which help you get started blogging step by step. Let’s recall all the things in points:
  1.    Start a blog step by step
  2.    Write blog  posts for your blog
  3.    Share them on social media
  4.    Reach out to other bloggers by commenting on their blogs
  5.    Respond to comments on your blog.
  6.    Do a basic SEO of your blog.

Bonus tip: Write killer headlines (titles) for your every blog posts because it helps you get a lot of referral traffic. When you share your article on social media or anywhere else, it’s the title which grabs the attention so it is required to have a great, killer, mind blowing and attention grabbing title.

Hope these tips of mine would help you start your blogging venture step by step.


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